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Composer / pianist
Nomination for an Ivor Novello Award for Best Large Ensemble Composition
October 2023
Athanasia is honoured that her work Antigone: pure in her crime, received a nomination for an Ivor Novello Award (Best Large Ensemble work) 
The Ivors Classical Awards, judged and presented by The Ivors Academy, took place on 14th November in London.
Artistic research doctorate at the mdw 

October 2023, Vienna, Austria

Athanasia is excited to begin her Doctorate studies at the mdw, as an artistic researcher at the Doctor Artium course, with supervisors Clara Iannotta, Johannes Kretz, and Tasos Zembylas.

It is an honour to be one of the only six applicants selected for this year. 

You can read more about her research here:
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