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unedited [2023]
for viola trio
written for and recorded by 
Trio Estatico

Includes interview with Trio Estatico member Paul Beckett. 
After Psappha [2018]
for chamber ensemble
performed by Psappha Ensemble
Rackwick Bay [2022]
for string sextet
comissioned and premiered by Psappha Ensemble
it has been a long year (time flies) [2021]
for viola, oboe, piano & percussion
performed by Ensemble Recherche
music from two sleep onsets [2019]
for alto sax & accordion
commissioned and performed by Grace Juliet McDonald and Darja Goldberg
short etude (on the arduousness of pluralism and the genesis of an echo-chamber) [2019]
for solo piano
commissioned and performed by Adam Swayne


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